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History of the Building


The following photos document the history and progress of our Phase I Building Project at 632 Colts Neck Road in Freehold Township which culminated in the completion of our primary church building in 2003.To bypass the history and
see our current facilities, click on "Building Project" on your left
and then the sublink, "Building Project Today."

Trees Removed As Excavation Begins

The Entrance After Excavation

Bob Henderson Working On Installing The Storm Drains


$66,000 worth of curbing

Pastor Chris inside the newly dug footings

Installation of the foundation

Digging Trenches For Electrical Work

Aerial View Of Property From Back

Aerial View From Front Of Property


Smoothing Out The Slab

The Slab Is Now Poured And Ready For The Walls

Pastor Chris In Front Of The Incoming Walls

Here Comes The Church

More Work On The Sanctuary Walls

Abundant Life Church: Up And Coming!

View From The Back Of The Newly Framed Church

Installation Of The Trusses

We Watch Eagerly As The Roofing is laid

As can be seen, much progress is being made

The Church Now Awaits The Cultured Stone To Finish The Sides Of The Building

Excitement Levels Rise As The Steeple Has Been Set In Place

The Cross Is In Place To Show The Way


It's Finished and Ready in 2003!


For additional recent photos and information on our current and future Building Projects (Phases 2 and 3),
please click on the link at the left, "Building Project"
and then the sublink "Building Project Today".