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Testimony Connection

If you have a testimony to share about how the Lord has blessed your life through Abundant Life Church or otherwise, please email us at


A Few Comments from Recent New Attendees and Others

 “The first time I came here I felt the love and like I was home.”

 “I felt God’s presence and peace the minute I walked into the doors.”

“The people here are so kind and friendly.”

"Pastor Chris is anointed to preach the true Word of God."

"The Holy Spirit is working in us and moving through us."

"The diversity of this church is beautiful.. includes people of so many
backgrounds and from all walks of life."

The Lord has really been doing a work in me. He has shown me of sin in my life and areas  and He is bringing forth needed changes through
the power of the Word, prayer, and the Holy Spirit. 


About our Pastor

"Pastor Chris is a wonderful person as well as an excellent pastor. He really knows the Bible and has a real heart for God and for people. He has a tremendous anointing which enables him to preach the Truth in a very  inspiring and encouraging way while he challenges us to become more of what God what us to be. His sermons are very relevant to my life. His wisdom and ability to get to the real heart of matters are impressive."


Examples of Healing Testimonies

PRAISE REPORTS OF HEALINGS ... Just a few of the amazing things our Lord has done, all glory and honor to Our Heavenly Father, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit ..

 Regarding Frank, son of Linda Abela, medical details told to me by MaryAnn Gordon, his aunt.. 

PRAISE THE LORD, THE LORD HEARS OUR CRIES, THE HOLY SPIRIT MOVED AGAIN, AND JESUS SAVES AND HEALS! I received the call at the church and prayed for Frank, son of Linda Abela who was diagnosed with 2 kidney stones, one was large, 7mm. The doctors said that only a 3.5 mm or less could pass . Frank and the doctors and nurses were shocked yesterday, Tuesday because amazingly the Lord miraculously had broken it up into multiple pieces and Frank passed the pieces! This is not something that can happen in the natural!! We know Who is responsible and beautifully Frank also recognizes it! The other kidney stone is higher and somehow not an issue now so all is well! The Lord is amazing! Glory, glory to You O Lord! Please pray for the drawing and salvation of the whole household and others who come to hear of this miracle and for the Name of Jesus to be lifted high! Nov 19, 2014 JMG

 Praise the Lord, He hears our cries and answers our prayers. On Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014  Jim Morris called and said his son, Mark who was working in an auto body shop had a metal fragment fly into his eye. He was about to take him to the hospital. I prayed with Jim and yesterday he called back and praise to Our Lord God Almighty he said that about 10 minutes after we prayed his son went into the bathroom and a piece of metal about 1/8 inch long popped out of his eye, glory to our amazing Lord!! They went to the doctor and he said it was fine and sent them home.  JMG

 Linda Stahl: (who posted on FB Tuesday, June 17, 2014) wrote: "It is a joy to post my testimony today. Last Sunday I shared with Joann G. that a few months ago had a gland infection that caused a pretty large lump to swell in my neck. I did 2 rounds of antibiotics and had an ultra sound. It showed the infection inside the gland had gotten better but was still there. It never went away and had and became very painful. She prayed with me and just ever so slightly touched my neck and ear and the pain went away. On the way home I felt the for the lump and it was completely gone along with the pain. Praise The Lord for loving me and healing me. And thank you Joann for praying and being a willing tool in His healing hand. Thank you Jesus! "

God is amazingly good and gracious!! Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and also Healer and Deliverer! He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and there is no other way to the Father but through Him. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever and as believers we have all the promises of God that are in Jesus yea and amen!